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Telephone interviews for an efficient collection of information

Having approx. 600 interviewers, including native speakers in all common languages, we act on your behalf and search for opinions within your target group via telephone. Based on the lower organisational effort required we can implement your study in no time. 

All answers are directly digitally processed. This enables us to generate significant results within a short time.


Telephone surveys by Krämer:​

  • are a cost-efficient and effective method
  • present the survey results quickly
  • enable the interviewer to make explanations in case of problems of understanding
  • generate more information through specific queries of the interviewer
  • have a high level sample coverage
  • can be implemented at short notice


Our telephone services:​

  • 600 phone agents 
  • native speakers in 21 different languages 
  • 150 CATI stations
  • 2 predictive dialers
  • data collection by means of proven Voxco and Survey System Software
  • approx. 1 million interviews/year
  • global reach 


Telephone assignments:​

  • quantitative studies 
  • qualitative studies 
  • B2C studies
  • B2B studies

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