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Your independent field services provider for qualitative and quantitative market research

Our services in market research are based on 30 years of field experience in almost all industries. We distinguish ourselves from other providers by our comprehensive expertise in methodology. We implement all relevant survey methods for you, in all target groups, in all countries throughout the world.

Our professional interviewers, mystery shoppers, presenters and researchers guarantee the quality and relevance of the results. They undergo specific three-stage training in preparation for every task. Let us assist you with asking questions the answers of which will provide you with valid results and give you a true competitive edge. 

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Qualitative and quantitative market research

In the field of qualitative market research we use established methods and professional interviewers in order to gain results with profound information by means of small random sampling. Whereas in quantitative market research we refer to our acknowledged recruiting know-how and find high numbers of people of your target group. In this way you get an overall impression of developing trends, your competitors and your customer potential. Contact us and we find the most suitable market research method for your goals.

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