Authentic insights
are gained face to face.

Face-to-face interviews – professional and independent of location

The personal interview of a target group through our interviewers, who undergo three-stage training, is in many cases the ideal way to gain authentic, independent opinions. Personal, direct contact and a neutral conversation guarantees that the respondent fully admits to the questions of the interviewer. In this way, even more complex questions may be analysed which is impossible with other methods. It is also possible to combine the interview with displayed images or video presentations. Furthermore, with home use tests our respondents have the chance to test and evaluate different products in their familiar surroundings.


Our face-to-face interviews are a proven method of qualitative market research. You gain knowledge which has been collected in surroundings directly connected to the question. Due to the computer-aided collection of the answers they are directly gathered in digital format and can be effectively analysed.


Face-to-face interviews by Krämer:

  • achieve above-average rates of success or returns
  • enable the interviewer to give explanations in case of problems of understanding
  • generate more information by means of specific queries of the interviewer
  • can be perfectly used as an instrument of questioning tactics


Our face-to-face services​:

  • household surveys
  • population surveys with high case numbers 
  • special target groups, such as farmers, child and youth research
  • home use tests
  • adherence to regulations for cooling, storage and hygiene in product tests 
  • up to 200,000 face-to-face interviews a year


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