Authentic insights
through undercover investigation.

Different mystery shopping scenarios in respect of evaluating the quality of service and advice

You probably know the situation from your school days: when you knew you had to write a test you prepared yourself for it. However, especially from the teachers’ point of view unannounced tests were the more interesting, because there was no preparation possible and they revealed the students’ current and true level of knowledge. The mystery shopping principle is exactly the same. Our accurately instructed mystery shoppers create authentic contact situations and evaluate advisory skills or product quality with the eyes and ears of a “usual” customer – without the employees being able to prepare themselves and without being able to perceive the test situation. The knowledge gained from it and used in employee training sessions or with regard to adapting services is enormous.


Mystery shopping surveys by Krämer:​

  • create authentic contact situations at PoS
  • produce different conversations through defined scenarios
  • imitate credible customer dialogues and give a true insight into practice


Our mystery shopping services:​

  • use of regional, trained mystery shoppers
  • use of mystery shoppers from our central market research facility sites
  • recruitment of regional real purchasers for mystery shopping according to given criteria
  • training of mystery shoppers for each project
  • strict selection of respondents according to your requested criteria (age, gender, demeanour etc.)
  • high expertise through approx. 30,000 test purchases/year


Mystery shopping assignments:​

  • mystery call (call centre tests or telephone enquiries)
  • mystery shopping (test purchases, in-shop advice or shelf tests)
  • mystery promotion (promotion teams are tested)


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