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Recruiting of participants for qualitative market research in Germany

Our experienced recruitment teams will find the right participants from your target group. Even small or special target groups do not remain undiscovered – neither in B2B nor B2C segments. Thanks to our continuously growing database and an efficient data management we also facilitate your studies with high case numbers in a short time.
We know how important the selection of the participant is in order to receive a relevant result – independent of the market research method used. That makes us the ideal partner at your side – for any of your studies.

Phone-to-Web recruitment:

At the point where recruitment is impossible for conventional panel provides due to very low volumes or very high case numbers we offer qualitative telephone recruitment. This enables us to recruit high sample sizes for online surveys in B2C target groups with low volumes and almost all B2B target groups, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recruitment services by Krämer:​

  • experienced B2C and B2B recruiters
  • qualitative recruitment
  • recruitment of difficult or small target groups 
  • cross-regional recruitment throughout Germany 
  • phone-to-web recruitment for high sample sizes 
  • own participant database