Opinions are formed
where people go shopping.

Finding the right PoS-strategy with our analyses

During the surveys of your target group at the point of sale our intensively trained interviewers canvass the respondents in the direct shopping/visiting surroundings. The big advantage of this survey method is the direct surroundings of the respondents’ shopping/visiting activities. The analysed PoS-surveys assist you with research and stabilising customer retention and are an important instrument of advertising effectiveness research.


Point –of-sale surveys by Krämer:​

  • collect valuable information about needs, desires and motivations of your customers/your visitors
  • evaluate the effectiveness of advertising activities
  • provide information on the customers‘ perception of the point of sale


Our point-of-sale services:​

  • personally trained and accurately briefed PoS interviewers
  • our PoS-interviewers are flexible and not place-bound in order to be successful even in difficult locations 
  • regional interviewers with short travel time and idiomatic compliance
  • professional and timely implementation of PoS-studies and target-date surveys
  • high numbers of survey locations in a short time
  • experience from more than 5,000 operational days at PoS /year
  • development of interviewer histories and classifications


Point-of-sale assignments:​

  • retailers and DIY shops
  • trade fairs and venues/theatres
  • pedestrian zones in cities
  • special areas, such as airports, stations or events 
  • service locations with special demands


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